Single and double rooms

Group leaders have a choice of several single or double rooms in the youth guest house. Some of these rooms are located in the new building, some in the historical part of castle Schwaneck. They are furnished with one or two beds, a table with stool and a wardrobe. All rooms have private baths with shower.

4 - 6-bed-rooms

For groups of young people 26 four-bed rooms to six-bed room are available in the new building and in the historical part of the castle. The newly furnished rooms feature bunk beds, a table, several chairs and wardrobes. In the historical part of the guest-house all rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, in the new building each room has its bathroom across the corridor.



Sleep halls

An ideal accommodation for young people travelling on a tight budget: In the two cosy sleep halls in the basement of the new building ten and twelve, respectively, children or youth can stay overnight. For group leaders we offer separate rooms right next door.

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