Small Knights' Hall

Doesn’t mean that the knights were short, but there is another, bigger hall. Ideal venue for seminars, workshops and the like. In Schwanthaler’s time, this hall was notorious for its fancy-dress balls.

Size approx. 55 sqm, accommodates 30 – 40 persons.

Large Knights' Hall

Suitable for concerts, theatrical and musical events, conventions, forums and festivities. Access to the French garden and to the bowling lounge.

Size approx. 150 sqm, with chairs and tables room for 80 persons, unfurnished for up to 150 persons.

Tower Chamber

Location for seminars, workshops and small conventions.

Size approx. 55 sqm, up to 30 – 40 persons.

Old German Room

Convention and seminar location with adjacent terrace.

Size 48 sqm, accommodates 30 persons.

Fireplace Room

Meeting and seminar room with a fireplace and adjacent terrace.

Size 39 sqm, up to 20 persons.

Mirror Hall

Meeting and seminar location, also suitable as a dining room; a sliding door separates it from adjoining NIK room.

Size 45 sqm, up to 20 - 25 persons.

Flemish Room

Flemish room (also known as Dutch room). Meeting and seminar location reserved for the County Board.

Size approx. 45 sqm, for 20 – 30 persons (cannot be rented)


Meeting and seminar room, also known as Zirbelholz-room (because of its delicate wood paneling).

Size approx. 50 sqm, for 15-20 persons

Group rooms

On the first floor there is one small and one large seminar room. Large room, approx. 40 sqm, up to 20 persons.

Small room, approx. 30 sqm, 15 – 20 persons

French Garden

Stylishly layed-out garden with a fountain, barbecue, tables and benches. Has access to Knight`s Hall and the bowling alley, may all be booked in combination.

Suitable for 80 – 100 persons. 

Café International

Meetings in a casual setting: Friendly and equipped with many plants cozy seminar room with private terrace and coffee machine. Due to its location outside the other conference rooms and the non-classical seminar room design a place for a special kind of cooperation.

Size approx. 60 sqm, for 20 – 25 persons



Meeting and seminar location, a sliding door separates it from adjoining Mirror Hall. Not available for any events. This historical room got its name around the turn of the 19th century. The Heilmann family (owner of the castle back then) played host to a circle of people interested in discussing the advancement of the natural sciences, and politics, and societal topics – “Naturwissenschaftlicher Interessenskreis” was the circle’s name, and hence the “NIK”.

Size 22 sqm, 10 persons

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