After school programs

Center of Nature Experience (NEZ) and Center of Youth Education (Jugendbildungsstätte) will organize in close dialog with you a made-to-measure event for a school class. We’ll work in subgroups and, when compiling the program, take the number of pupils, their age and any previous knowledge into consideration. Location, number of instructors needed and costs will be calculated accordingly.


Naturerlebniszentrum Burg Schwaneck
Doris Viktoria Knoll
Anke Schlehufer
Tel 089 - 744 140 - 23
Fax 089 - 744 140 - 37

Jugendbildungsstätte Burg Schwaneck
Andreas Bedacht
Tanja Huller-Kröplin
Tel 089 - 744 140 - 18
Fax 089 - 744 140 - 37

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