Environment & Education

The KJR Center of Nature Experience (NEZ) is approved and supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment as an Environment Platform (Umweltstation). Our staff puts together eco-pedagogical programs and holiday camps, activities for kids and youth aimed at creating awareness for Agenda21. We also develop specific programs for the county’s communities and act as partners for youth centers, schools and associations.

The offers summed up:

  • NEZ events
  • Creative workshops, nature paper chase, excursions, children birthday parties, summer camps, nature event days for kids and youth
  • Special events
  • Environment library
    reference library, please give prior notice when you plan to peruse the library
  • Eco-pedagogical learning material
    Agenda21 action kit, nature exploration kit, lichens determination kit, parabolic reflector sunlight cooker, fruit torrefaction set, paper scooping kit, dying kit, animal riddle paper chase, game parachute, flake crimping set


Center of Nature Experience NEZ
Burgweg 10
Burg Schwaneck
82049 Pullach
Tel 089 - 744 140 - 23 oder - 29
Fax 089 - 744 140 - 37
E-mail nez@kjr-ml.de

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